IPC coats quite a number of tanks for industrial users. This often include tanks that contain waste water and petrochemicals.

IPC carries several chemical resistant product lines in which to coat tanks. They include so called laminate coatings or FRP. They include Furan resin, Polyester resin, and Vinylester resin. The resin that is used depends upon the industrial chemical that a client is working with.

Furan is used in the Petrochemical industry. It is expensive.

Vinylester is used in water treatment plants. It has a wide range of chemical resistance and is to some degree heat resistant. This product doesn’t have much shrinkage after it is applied.

Polyester is a very cheap product and is not usually recommended by IPC. However some customers want the product and we will apply it after educating them about the problems with it use. The problems include delamination – it will peel off the surface because of shrinkage during the curing process. It is often used in waste water tanks.

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