PC uses several different products on floors to meet the needs of our clients. We use a wide variety of Epoxy material which is a plastic coating available in different thickness.

Epoxy is inexpensive, easy to clean and keeps dust low so that products and machinery are not damaged. Epoxy can be poured on the floor in which case it is self leveling or it can be rolled on the floor. Different thicknesses of the Epoxy coat have different functions. It can also strengthen the floor by covering cracks and imperfections in the concrete. Our Epoxy products also make the floor lighter in color so that there are increased levels of light where it is applied. Most of our Epoxy products last for a long time and have a 2 year warranty.

IPC will generally use Sika products when doing a epoxy floor. Sika coatings can be colored. Often clients will want a colored floor. It allows decoration, markings, and warnings for safety purposes.

Technical Information